New York Giants Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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The New York Giants are one of the NFL's oldest and most storied teams, and their history has been full of positives. The Giants have won two Super Bowls, and have long been one of the strongest members of the tough NFC East Conference. Long-time Giants ticket holders will never forget, however, the day that their team allowed one of the most improbable comebacks in NFL history.

The Miracle in the Meadowlands

Philadelphia fans will always remember the game that took place on November 19th, 1978 as the "Miracle in the Meadowlands." Giants fans grudgingly refer to that memorable day simply as "the fumble," since their team lost and from their perspective it wasn't much of a miracle. It's true that God was not a Giants fan that day.

With the home team leading 17-12 and only 31 seconds left on the clock, the game seemed like a lock for the Giants. All they had to do was take a knee and let the clock run out, and the Eagles would be sent back down the Jersey Turnpike with a tough loss to an inferior team. For some reason, however, offensive coach Bob Gibson ordered infamous Giants quarterback Joe Pisarcik to hand the ball off to fullback Larry Csonka.

A miracle was in the making: Pisarcik fumbled the snap, Csonka missed the handoff, and the ball went bouncing into the backfield. Astute Eagles defensive back Herman Edwards ran through the line and picked up the ball, returning it 26 yards for a touchdown. With the Eagles up 19-17 they wisely took a knee and returned home with an amazing (and improbable) victory. Coach Gibson was fired the next day.

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