Nfl Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you live in a city such as Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Denver, finding NFL tickets can be akin to finding an open wide receiver in the middle of triple coverage. Perennial favorites such as the Patriots, Eagles, Steelers, and Broncos manage to sell out their stadiums, especially during winning seasons. This can make it hard for anyone outside "special favors" fields such as law and finance to come up with tickets.

One remedy for this is relocation. Phoenix, Buffalo, Miami, and other such cities have no shortage of tickets, many of which are near the 50-yard line and a few rows up from the field. If moving is impractical or downright impossible for you, there are other strategies short of winning radio station giveaways that work. You can always start on the street.

Scalping and NFL Tickets

Scalping tickets, while illegal in some areas, remains the number one way for fans to locate tickets to sold-out games. Most buyers travel directly to the stadium and do business with outdoor vendors, who are impossible to miss (they're the ones gently tugging on your purse or bag while flashing fanned-out sets of two, four, six, or even eight tickets). In all seriousness, though, scalping is one effective tack, especially in stadium-sanctioned "reseller" zones. The only caveat is that ticket prices not exceed their printed values.

If the particular NFL game you're looking to attend is not only sold out, but causing everyone in town to dial in their stored-up favors, you can always try the most counterintuitive technique of all: wait until game time and buy from the box office. Some NFL franchises deliberately hold onto a few sets of tickets until the gates open. These may range from a couple of dozen seats to a couple of hundred. Either way, if you have the will to wait, your patience may be rewarded and cost you nothing more than face value and a polite request at the ticket office. The most time-effective solution may be to simply look to online ticket sellers, who also re-sell unusable tickets that others may have.

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