Nhl Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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Now, we have hockey tickets and we have NHL tickets. The NHL has become the WWF of hockey--more entertainment and violence and less skill. Personally, that is fine with me. The NHL has found a way to make the sport appealing to most men by easing up on the rules. In all honesty, it makes for an entertaining evening.

I don't like to diminish the skill required for a person to make the NHL because these men truly represent the best of the best in the world. However, certain players get to wear an NHL jersey because they can beat the heck out of other players. The fans enjoy this whether they admit it or not. Most people don't like the idea of car wrecks, but everyday traffic jams occur because people slow down to look at them. Hockey simply exploits human nature and NHL tickets are your key inside man's primitive mind.

NHL Tickets Still Cost Less than Most Professional Sports

Compared to football and basketball, most NHL tickets are typically less expensive because NHL salaries have remained somewhat in check. Yes, professional hockey players make a ton of money, but you don't hear about hockey players getting 100 million dollar deals. These days, professional hockey players absorb too much abuse to sustain a long career so most owners don't want to take the chance of extending long-term contracts.

As I mentioned earlier, if you have the chance to see a pro hockey game, jump all over it. It's massively entertaining and worth every penny. Take my advice, root for the home team if you decide to see a game in New York or Philadelphia. Fans in these town don't take kindly to outsiders rooting for the "enemy."

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