Oakland Raiders Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Raiders fans have had an interesting run over the last few decades. Sure, the team has won a few Super Bowls, but their last was in 1984. And since their heyday in the 1970s, the Raiders have changed cities not once, but twice!

The Raiders Experience

One result of the Raiders "trail of tears" is a fan base that stretches from Southern California all the way up to the San Francisco Bay area. When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles in 1982, heartbroken Oakland fans would never have been able to predict that the team would return in only ten years. It must have been a confusing run for season ticket holders who had to decide if they'd give up on the team or do the five hour commute needed to see their team play at home.

The Raiders have always had a tough image, and they've supported that image by standing behind a controversial owner and a string of controversial players. Because of their tough image, the Raiders are adored by a pretty rough fan base that makes itself heard at each and every home Raiders game. Being an away fan at a home Raiders game must be a pretty scary experience.

Getting tickets to Raiders games is difficult, as the team has a substantial waiting list for season ticket applications. They do release some single game tickets, and these have been selling a bit slower now that the team isn't doing as well as it used to. It's usually pretty hard to find anything more than two seats using this process, so if you need a larger amount of tickets your best bet is a ticket broker.

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