Packers Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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It may be hard to believe, but it's true: the Green Bay Packers are 85 years old. That's older than Santa Claus (at least in his modern form). In the 85 years that the Packers have been around, they've built a fan base unlike that of any other professional sports team. Which means seeing a Packers game in person is almost as hard as winning the Super Bowl.

How Does One Get Packers Tickets?

The only people who are guaranteed a shot at seeing the Packers more than once a year (besides the people who work the games) are the lucky ones who have season tickets. This is a pretty select group, since the Packers have been sold out at home for over 40 years on a season ticket basis. That means the team has not sold a single ticket to a non-season ticket holder (or Brown County resident--see below) in almost a half century.

The good news is that the team has made efforts to accommodate more fans over the years. When Lambeau Field opened in 1957, the stadium could seat 32,500 people. By 2001 the capacity of the stadium had been expanded to fit 60,890 fans. Since that year, the Packers have added more than 10,000 additional seats.

Besides buying tickets from a season ticket holder (or a ticket broker), there is one other way to get tickets for a Packers home game. For every home game, the Packers organization makes 4,000 tickets available to people who live in Brown County, Wisconsin. If you're really into the Packers, you might have to change your address before you can get in.

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