Philadelphia Eagles Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Philadelphia Eagles tickets aren't easy to get your hands on. As a Philadelphian and a life-long Eagles fan, I know from experience. My family had season tickets for almost 30 years, dating back to the days when the Birds played in old Franklin Field. But when the team moved to their new stadium and asked for several thousand dollars for "personal seat licenses" (and I moved away from the city), my family opted out.

How to Get Eagles Tickets

Whenever I fly home and want to see an Eagles game, it's a bit frustrating that I can't just use our season tickets anymore. Luckily I have enough friends and connections that getting into a few games a year isn't much of a problem. For people having a hard time getting tickets, I do have a few pieces of advice.

There's a substantial waiting list for Eagles season tickets, so if you're not ready to wait your best bet is to go for single game tickets. These tickets are only sold through local ticket outlets, so you can't go online and buy tickets if you're out of the Philadelphia area (trust me, I've tried). Even if you manage to get through on the phone on the day that tickets go on sale, they may already be sold out. It usually only takes 10 or 15 minutes.

The best way to ensure yourself some Eagles tickets is to buy them directly at the stadium box office the day they go on sale. If that day has passed, you can always check out online auctions and ticket brokers. Keep in mind that you'll be paying more than face value, but that's the price of admission for a team as exciting as the Eagles.

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