Prices For Super Bowl Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you've ever thought about attending the Super Bowl, it may give you pause to learn how much the tickets cost. Ticket price itself can make up a substantial proportion of your budget if you're planning on making a vacation out of the Super Bowl. That said, the Super Bowl is one of the most exciting sporting events in the United States, and being able to attend is an unforgettable experience.

Super Bowl Tickets: How Much Should You Pay?

The average regular season NFL ticket costs about $65, which some people think is ridiculously expensive. Those people would probably be shocked to find out that Super Bowl tickets start at around $500 per seat--and that's the face value price. If you really want to go to the Super Bowl, you should consider yourself lucky only having to pay $500 per seat.

The far more likely scenario when buying Super Bowl tickets is that your tickets will be purchased from a broker or a tour operator. In these cases, you're going to pay a substantial markup over face value. Considering how much trouble you have to go through to get Super Bowl tickets straight from the source (and trust me, it's next to impossible) the extra cost can be worth the time and energy you'll save.

One of the best ways to go about getting Super Bowl tickets is to look for tickets that are sold as part of a vacation package. In situations like this, tour operators will be making something off the ticket price, the airfare and the hotel costs, so they're less likely to charge outrageous prices for the tickets themselves. It's also a good idea to book in advance--the closer you get to the game itself the higher the prices will be.

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