The Producers Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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When Nathan Lane and Mathew Broadrick stared in The Producers, it was one of the hottest tickets around. This musical comedy has been described as a non-stop roller coaster of laughs. The Producers tickets can sell out weeks in advance as it tours and returns to New York City.

My wife has had a crush on Mathew Broadrick ever since Ferris Bueller's Day Off. When I saw that he was co-starting in The Producers, I knew that I had to get these tickets. I thought that a romantic weekend in New York would be a great anniversary gift.

I knew I could wing it by going down to the "TKTS" stand in Time Square, but I thought this would be in poor taste for an anniversary gift. This is such a great show with such a phenomenal cast, that I did not want to waste my money on bad seats. I looked online at a ticket broker and was able to get some amazing seats.

My wife could not have been more ecstatic about our trip to New York and The Producers tickets that we had. The show was even better than we expected. That anniversary night was almost as a memorable as our wedding night.

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