Sacramento Kings Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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After Ahnuld, the Kings are the biggest attraction in all of Sacramento. Like Portland, Memphis, Calgary, San Jose, and other such cities, Sacramento is a one-sport town, at least among the four major sports leagues. That means a disproportionately high level of attention gets focused on the Kings, especially when they're eyeing a championship run as they have in recent years.

So popular are Kings tickets in Sacramento that the team has implemented a strict issuing policy. Season ticket holders get first crack at the best seats and have the chance to request relocations at the end of each season. If spots do open up among the perennial ticket holders, it's other season pass holders who fill in those vacancies. What then, you ask, happens to the vacancies created by those fill-ins?

It's All about Seniority

The Sacramento Kings have taken a page from the playbook of other wildly successful sports franchises and created a seniority ladder to serve their demand. Once the yearly shuffle is complete, the front office looks to see just how many holes must be filled. They then draw from the top of their seniority list and work their way down until every seat is taken.

How exactly is seniority established? Well, among the season ticket holders, it's determined by the length of time they've held their passes. The rest of the ladder is dictated by the date and time of the requestors' letters. Those that are received first once tickets go on sale are given priority, then so on down the line. For these hard to find tickets, online ticket brokers are sometimes the only option for fans.

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