Sports Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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Sports tickets continue to go up in price every year. Even when the economy is slumping, sports tickets continue to rise. Why? For the most part, sports are a recession-proof business, like the movies. People need to be entertained when the economy is good and when the economy is bad. Athletes provide the entertainment and reap the financial rewards.

These days sports fans rarely purchase tickets at the stadium. Most ticket buying occurs online through brokers. Some brokers are good and others are not. Some are reliable and some lack dependability. My advice: find a broker with an impeccable reputation and stick with that company. Nothing pays like loyalty (except being an NBA superstar or a starting NFL quarterback or a young home run hitting short stop who also hits for average).

Society and Sports Tickets

Team sports mirror society. I don't want to get too philosophical, but sports are a necessary part of our culture. Humans have competed athletically for thousands of years and human have watched other human compete for thousands of years. It's a healthy part of our nature. Even those of us who have never succeeded athletically have looked for ways to succeed outside sporting arenas.

Sports tickets and sporting events help people build business relationships, personal relationships and parental relationships. Sometimes sports are the only thing two men can communicate about. Ask them about their feelings and they'll look at you like you just asked them to recite the Declaration of Independence in Korean. Society needs sports more than sports need society.

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