Tennis Tickets

Written by James Lyons
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There was a time in my life when you could not pay me to take a pair of tennis tickets. Then I watched a battle for the ages--John McEnroe versus Bjorn Borg--on ESPN Classic. I was hooked. These two men battled for hours--running, jumping, sliding, yelling, serving, volleying, and falling. Outside of boxing, I had never seen two men fight harder for a prize.

One-on-one sports demonstrate remarkable drama. In team sports, blame is often distributed among all the players so the drama feels a bit dispersed. Sports like tennis, however, are incredibly personal. If you lose, you are the only person to blame. If you have never played a sport like tennis, you understand this. Losing to an individual hurts much more than losing to a team.

Tennis Tickets Give You the Opportunity to Watch an Expanding Market

Some of the greatest sports battles in history were tennis matches. Every year I buy some tennis tickets and take some friends with me. Tennis used to be a sport relished only by the upper class, those with enough money to buy country club memberships. With the recent success of minority players, Venus and Serena Williams for example, tennis has become a sport enjoyed by people of all races.

Public tennis courts are opening up all over the country. What used to be a sport only enjoyed by rich white people in the suburbs has now transcended all races and socio-economic groups. Arthur Ashe helped pave the way for African-Americans and various other professional tennis players have battled against adversity to join the professional ranks. Tennis tickets now have universal appeal.

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