Texas Tech Football Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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One of my cousins lives down in Texas and loves college football. He is particularly large Texas Tech football fan. While they have been down on their luck in recent years, they still have a large fan base which sometimes makes it difficult to get Texas Tech football tickets.

When my ala mater was scheduled to play at Texas Tech, I decided that it would be a great time to pay my cousin a visit. We have always had a bit of rivalry between us when it comes to our favorite sports teams. I called up his wife and we set up my surprise visit to coincide with his birthday and the football game.

Last Minute Texas Tech Football Tickets

Unfortunately there was a miscommunication, and neither of bought the Texas Tech football tickets, and we realized the mistake just days before the trip. I was not going to let this oversight ruin the surprise. I looked online and was able to find several great tickets to the big match up.

Needless to say, my cousin was totally surprised by my visit and with his present. To my disappointment (and his pleasure) Texas Tech gave him one more present, a victorious win. While my team lost, I still had a great time at game with my cousin.

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