Theatre Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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It's the week before your family comes to town, and to show them a good time, you'd love to get them theatre tickets. The problem is, you're not sure what's playing and where, how much tickets cost, and whether good seats are available. Moreover, you live in a big city with plenty of entertainment options, so it's not as simple as calling the lone theatre in town and requesting information.

One solution is to use a ticket-finding service that crawls the Web for theatre listings and provides free info. Search by show title, location, price, or date, then scour the listings for the most suitable match. You may not find front-row Lion King tickets for this coming Saturday night, but you may find good seats in the lower box or even great seats to a less-popular show.

Advantages of Using Online Theatre-Ticket Finders

One of the great perks of using an online application to score yourself (or your family) theatre tickets is convenience. There are no phone calls to make, no sitting on hold, no fumbling for credit cards, and no high-pressure pitches from salespeople. Better still, you can browse local restaurant listings to find pre-show meals, download maps and directions, and read plot synopses and reviews all in one sitting.

Another advantage of buying online theatre tickets is simple availability. Like many sports arenas and concert venues, many theatres set aside a pre-apportioned number of tickets for their online box office. Thus, all the lines you see snaking around the corner and down the block have little or no bearing on ticket availabilities online. If it's the dead of winter or summer, you'll be much more comfortable shopping on the Web than standing on Broadway waiting for the ticket counter at your theatre to open.

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