Ticket Brokers

Written by James Lyons
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Most tickets these days are purchased through ticket brokers. There are a million ticket brokers out there but only a select few have withstood the test of time and they have done so by placing the interests of the consumer before their own. They remain profitable because they demonstrate a high level of ethics and loyalty.

For many, the Internet is the modern day Wild Wild West. Consumers are taken advantage of every day; you are either conning or getting conned, as one friend of mine likes to say. I don't adopt that cynical point of view because I've worked with and done business with a number of reputable companies over the years that have kept my best interests in mind.

Online Ticket Brokers

The Internet has given ticket brokers an additional forum to sell their tickets, making it easier on people to buy tickets. A good rule of thumb when searching the Internet for a broker is finding a company with history. If a broker has been around for more than 10 years, then the company is doing something right. Add references and credibility, you are probably looking at a solid company.

In addition, a number of other criterion exist for consumers to use when choosing a broker. Look for leaders in the ticket industry and brokers that belong to the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB). Also, look for brokers that have a reputation for dependability, security and customer service. All these things might seem like common sense, but when you shell out money for tickets, you want to make sure you get what you pay for.

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