Us Open Tennis Tickets

Written by Scott Martin
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The US Open tennis tournament is the pinnacle of tennis play in the United States. Every dedicated tennis fan I know tries to make a pilgrimage to the US open at least once in their life. However, finding US Open tennis tickets can be difficult for some people.

My friend Peter has a son who has been playing tennis ever since he was five. His son has grown up idolizing players such as Andre Aggasi and Venus Williams. His son is soon leaving for college on a tennis scholarship and Peter wanted to do something special

US Open Tennis Tickets as a GiftPeter thought that it would be a great high school graduation gift to get some US Open tennis tickets and take his son on a road trip. Peter knew that it would be difficult to find quality US Open tennis tickets, but he started looking anyway. We were talking and he thought he might have to come up with a new idea because he wasn't finding tickets.

I told him about the online ticket broker that I usually use to get hard-to-find tickets. Peter went home and checked out the site and was able to find just the tickets he wanted. I saw the photos from their trip and I do not know who had a bigger smile on his face, Peter or his son.

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