Us Open Tickets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Finding US Open tickets becomes much easier when you multiply your options by two. As any casual sports fan can tell you, there's a US Open of tennis and US open of golf. One lasts an entire fortnight (a full two weeks, give or take a day or two of rain delays), while the other lasts four days. All in all, that's nearly three weeks worth of sports. Multiply those three weeks by hundreds of seats, and all of a sudden procuring tickets doesn't seem like such an impossibility.

If you're thinking of sitting courtside to watch Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, however, think again. Key contests such as these draw top dollar, especially from celebrities who have the means to buy up entire boxes for their friends and families. Here, scoring a seat may require you to sit in the upper concourse with a pair of binoculars. If you're intent on sitting up close, your best option is to target lesser-known talents and aim for an early round of action when two heavyweights are less likely to go head to head. On the other hand, online brokers will often have prime seats available for those who are looking.

US Open Tickets for Golf

The same wisdom holds true for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as it does for Sampras and Agassi. You may be able to catch a live glimpse of your favorite golfer, but expect to pay a hefty fee for the privilege. You might be better off grabbing a "gallery" spot to watch a young star on the rise. If there's just no getting over the thrill of seeing Tiger or Phil (or Vijay Singh or Ernie Els, for that matter), you'll likely be relegated to the back of the gallery or bleachers.

In spite of the "big four" sports' dominance, Grand Slam events in tennis and golf draw just as much interest as the World Series or Stanley Cup. A smaller tournament in a less-exotic locale than Sawgrass, Augusta, or Pebble Beach is akin to an Expos-Pirates baseball game in the middle of June. You can find tickets to both, but only die-hard fans need apply.

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