Washington Redskins Tickets

Written by Charles Peacock
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When the Washington Redskins moved from old RFK stadium in Capitol Hill to FedEx field in the D.C. suburbs, they took with them a great deal of history and some of the best fans in the league. They also took with them a huge waiting list. Getting Redskins season tickets can take a lot of patience.

Redskins Ticket Options

To understand the popularity of the Washington Redskins, consider this: the team has sold out over 300 consecutive games, dating back to the 1960s. Most of these tickets were sold to Redskins season ticket holders, who tend to hold onto their seat rights until they die--and beyond. Because many seats are handed down from generation to generation, it can be quite difficult to get seats even if you are on the waiting list.

Speaking of the waiting list, Redskins fans without season tickets will be quite disappointed to learn that the list is currently in the six figures. That's right--since the return of former head coach Joe Gibbs, the waiting list for Skins season tickets has topped out at a whopping 110,000 names. While signing up might seem like an exercise in futility, there are a few unexpected benefits.

Eager to keep their fans happy (and patient) the Redskins are currently offering everyone on the waiting list the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive merchandise and publication offers. In addition, if you're on the waiting list you will get first priority for playoff tickets when they become available. Since other events are regularly held at FedEx field, being on the waiting list also gives you the privilege of making exclusive priority seat reservations for things like concerts and soccer games.

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