Camera Crews

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Before deciding to hire camera crews, people have several factors to consider. First, people have to think about the level of quality that they desire from their film. If great picture and sound are not needed, a hand-held digital camcorder may suffice. For a marketing interview with an executive, on the other hand, spending the extra money to ensure that proper lighting is in place and that other variables are taken care of is probably a good idea.

Questions to Ask Camera Crews

When people interview freelance camera crews, they should tell them about what they want and ask if they have past experience with similar projects. Most people prefer working with companies that have already completed similar assignments. Most crews can provide samples of their previous work to ensure their prospective clients that they are up to the tasks at hand.

People need camera crews that can shoot in the right formats. Not all video teams can film in high definition. Digital Betacam, DV Cam, and DV Pro are all widely accepted formats that aren't quite as high up on the food chain as HD. However, they still produce clear and sharp results.

Before booking, people should make sure that video crews will be available on the days they need them. This may sound obvious, but nobody wants to find out that he was merely placed on "stand-by" status when he thought he had locked up an appointment. It is important to remember to verify and confirm any arrangements that have been made.

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