Corporate Training Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some companies find it beneficial to put corporate training videos on CD ROM or DVD, because these mediums enable employees to select the specific procedures they need to review from the table of contents. When viewing VHS tapes, it's much more difficult to find specific scenes. People have to constantly rewind tapes, press stop, and press play just to check if they are in the right sections.

Various Types of Corporate Training Videos

Employees who work in warehouses and manufacturing plants often have to watch safety videos. The federal government mandates that high-risk workplaces have safety programs. Videos produced by professional companies are often integral aspects of safety education.

Some corporate training videos are procedure-oriented; they teach people various processes and procedures. Businesses that require skilled labor often find these resources useful. An example of a skilled laborer would be someone who makes eyeglasses. For training purposes, it's good for new employees to have reliable and easy-to-understand reference materials.

Large corporations often show their employees inspirational corporate training videos. For example, there's a popular video that illustrates how an open-minded manager turned an ordinary fish market in Seattle into a world famous seafood funhouse. That video has actually sold thousands of copies and is used by many corporate leaders in diverse fields to teach employees how to have fun at work.

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