Corporate Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Senior executives for large companies often create corporate videos to communicate throughout their organizations. Some companies have offices scattered throughout the world. Business leaders cannot visit each site individually. They save considerable time and accomplish the same goals by making corporate videos and sending them to each business unit.

Corporate Videos and Communication

I worked for a company who used videos to communicate. After 9/11, the CEO wanted to recap how the company was providing aid for other businesses affected by the tragedy. A few thousand workers gathered in the break room to watch the film, and thousands of workers at other locations met in their own break rooms.

The film began with an introduction from the CEO, and after that, the movie showed clips of people working in various environments, helping other businesses temporarily set up their equipment on our company's property. During a tough time for our business, when people weren't receiving increases or bonuses and the stock price was falling, the movie provided employees with perspective.

Film is an effective medium for presentations, because a camera can go places that thousands of employees could not. A 30-minute movie may consist of footage taken from places all around the world. Corporate videos may stand alone as presentations, or they can be used to complement live speeches.

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