Dvd Creation

Written by Gregg Ruais
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For high quality DVD creation, people must use authoring software that enables them to cut scenes from videos, add special effects, and include audio files. Using the right tools, people can copy content from other DVDs, download videos from the Internet, or use footage they have recorded using digital cameras. For optimal DVD authoring, people need special hardware as well as software.

Many independent directors have turned to digital cinematography, which is much less expensive than using traditional filmmaking equipment. They produce movies on personal computers and even burn their own DVDs. Modern equipment has helped level the playing field (somewhat) in the film industry, as directors don't need million dollar grants to make films any more.

DVD Creation for Beginners

Some companies have begun to make software designed for novice DVD authors, people who are just dabbling in the field. This software comes with large link buttons that are easily understood. However, it still takes considerable time to become proficient at DVD creation. Beginners will always make mistakes, and they have to work their way through those errors by posting their questions on bulletin boards or trying to figure things out on their own.

People who need DVD creation only for certain events can hire professionals. The pros can make anywhere between a handful and tens of thousands of copies. These people are already fully trained and know how to work movie magic on their computers.

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