Freelance Video Editors

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Freelance video editors are expected to use their creativity to select appropriate scenes and special effects for the final drafts of videos. Although they have to work within certain parameters (no Metallica for wedding videos), they are given plenty of creative license to make videos as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Just as importantly, they must meet tight deadlines, even if that means working overtime.

Freelance video editors have to take into consideration their clients' requests. While editors may have their own unique visions on how things should be done, they cannot alienate their customers. When people request specific scenes to be included in the videos they pay for, those shots must be in the final drafts.

Freelance Video Editors Make Important Decisions

During the editing process, freelance video editors must evaluate and select the scenes that contribute to the overall desired effects of the movies they are making. Many videos have story lines. Scenes that are entertaining on their own may hinder the overall continuity of a video.

The best editors have an eye for meaningful and emotional scenes, which are especially essential to wedding videos. It takes a certain sensitivity to select appropriate background music for videos. In some cases, clients select what music they want to hear during their movies, and editors have to make the scenes match the lyrics.

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