Graduation Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Graduation videos can include any number of features, not limited to the proceedings at final ceremonies. Schools often hire camera crews to record proms, homecoming events, and class field trips. Entire school years, or even the previous four years, can be summarized on end-of-year videos. Photo slides, video editing, music, and voice-over are all options for graduation videos.

A graduation video can play out as a story. The first portion of a movie may begin with pictures that were taken when graduating seniors were just freshmen, and the film might chronicle the class's growth through the years. Narration is optional. You may want class presidents, deans, or school principals to speak during the films.

At graduation ceremonies, some schools have camera crews set up microphones near podiums, making speeches audible and clear. When recorded on home camcorders, speeches are often difficult to hear. And of course no graduation video is complete without capturing the scene where the graduates simultaneously throw their caps in the air.

Ordering Graduation Videos

Schools can take student orders for either VHS or DVD copies of these movies. Institutions that expect high volumes of orders should make sure they hire companies that have mass production capabilities. Many institutions archive these graduation videos in their history libraries, and they should make sure they order some extra copies in order to do so.

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