Life Story Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who want to leave behind remembrances of themselves for future generations have the option of hiring professional videographers to create their own life story videos. Many people want their lives recorded for personal reasons (everyone wants to leave a mark), but these videos become precious to the relatives who hold onto them well after the people on the videos pass away. Genealogy has become a lucrative business because many people are curious about their heritage.

Life Story Videos as Family Heirlooms

Life story videos can become family heirlooms. They help future generations understand not only where they came from but also who they are. It's very common that people see themselves in relatives, even ones they have never met.

In interviews conducted by professional cameramen, people often take the opportunity to explain whom their parents and siblings were. Many grandparents have fascinating stories to share, ranging from anecdotes about what their parents had to endure as American immigrants to stories of how they fell in love with their eventual spouses. Interviews are great opportunities for people to share advice and wisdom with their great-great grandchildren, whom they will probably never meet, and relate stories that their own children or grandchildren may have never heard.

Life story videos often combine interviews, still photographs, and music, just like some documentaries that appear on the History Channel. Video editors try to zoom in at the right times and add music that sets appropriate moods. Of all the mediums on which movies can be stored, DVDs last the longest.

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