Multimedia Dvds

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People at home can view and navigate their way through multimedia DVDs on either their personal computers or living room televisions. Some people order educational DVDs after watching television infomercials on various products. Common infomercial videos include instructions on how to make money through real estate investing, how to run home-based businesses, and how to purchase expensive products at very low costs.

People who are interested in having their own DVDs made can contact video production companies via email. Most businesses will reply shortly. Video companies can give price estimates in their replies.

Presentations on Multimedia DVDs

Multimedia DVDs enable people who have busy schedules to learn at their own pace and whenever they have free time. Because DVDs are so navigable, people can watch certain sections repeatedly. Unlike VHS tapes, DVDs make it easy for people to find exactly what they want to see. Moreover, the ability to pause and replay certain scenes allows people ample time to take notes.

Multimedia DVDs can be constructed and programmed in different ways. Marketing DVDs can be set up like movies, having tables of contents that allow users to select scenes but still flowing as single cohesive presentations. A DVD can also be set up nonlinearly, meaning that when a section of the video ends, people return to the table of contents rather than moving onto the next chapter.

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