Multimedia Graphics

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Multimedia graphics serve many purposes, one of which is the enhancement of family web pages. People publish family news on the Web to show recent photos and even videos to relatives who live far away. People keep running logs and journals on the Internet for this very purpose, and they can use graphics for even better communication.

Multimedia Graphics for Communication

I have relatives who live all over the United States. When babies are born in the family, people want to see pictures, so we post photographs on the Internet. This keeps everyone connected and up-to-date, no matter how many miles lie between us.

Multimedia graphics are available for purchase by people who lack the technical expertise to build their own web sites. Graphic design companies place high definition images, videos, and sounds on personal home pages. People often want to post wedding pictures, family portraits, and candid shots of young kids having fun. Quality material keeps web visitors engaged and more likely to return.

For easy communication, people often add email links to their home pages. Relatives often converse about the multimedia graphics on each other's web pages via email. Although families cannot always remain together physically, the Internet enables people to stay prevalent in one another's lives.

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