Music Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Aspiring musicians can hire professional companies to create music videos that complement the songs they have written. Video companies will send camera crews to recording studios, people's homes, or even remote locations to film footage that will be put to music. Bands can use videos to promote themselves, give away as gifts, and sell at live gigs.

Musicians have various video options from which to choose. They can ask for very simple music videos that just show them playing songs, or they can have various special effects added, such as waving psychedelic patterns or funky lighting. Some videos contain amusing plots that further explain the meanings behind lyrics.

Making Music Videos

Making music videos can be very rewarding for people who enjoy being creative. A video shoot can last all day. At the time, it's impossible to tell how a video will turn out. Later, during the editing process, as editors select clips and begin to piece them together, a video begins to emerge.

Most people are amazed to see how long it really takes to make a quality four-minute video. For marketing purposes, bands can have a few dozen videos made in order to send to record companies or for personal use. If they so choose, musicians can pay for thousands of videos with the intent of selling them at concerts or on the Internet.

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