Party Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Most party videos follow a certain format that has proven to work over time. Before events begin, the hosts and their families, dressed for the events, have their pictures taken, which become still photos for the movies. A common special effect that videographers use is that they transition moving videos into still pictures. The images pause, allowing viewers to take in snap shots. Videographers often put these clips to music.

Party videos often show people as they arrive for events. Cameramen shoot people as they exit their cars, walk to the doorways, and are greeted by event hosts. During this time, film crews capture many smiles, because people are usually happy when they arrive and say hello to their friends and families.

Later, camera crews blend in with parties and film people in candid situations. They scan crowds and record people naturally arranging themselves into cliques. During the editing process, videographers select shots of people laughing, hugging, and introducing themselves.

Editing Party Videos

Party videos contain the key moments of social gatherings, such as toasts, people singing, "Happy Birthday," and cake cuttings. Back at their studios, videographers spend a lot of time adjusting sound quality to make sure that people's voices are clear and audible on final videos. In addition, videographers can often accommodate special requests for specific songs or other effects.

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