Presentation Materials

Written by Gregg Ruais
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While projection screens and transparencies are still common presentation materials, businesses are increasingly turning to new mediums with which they make presentations. At a very low cost, companies can show product demonstrations on the Internet. Technology has increased the capabilities for in-person presentations as well. DVD presentations projected through LCD machines produce high definition pictures.

Some graphic design companies create presentation materials that combine visual and audio aids. In some cases, they loan equipment to businesses that lack the technical capabilities of producing the best demonstrations. These businesses combine traditional Powerpoint presentations with digital photography, professional scanning, and 3-D animations.

Web Presentation Materials

Streaming video is an incredibly cost-effective tool for businesses. Web presentations are one-time costs; companies can pay external companies to shoot videos and convert them to multimedia, but after that, there are very few expenses to be paid for keeping demonstrations available on the Internet. This is one of the best ways to reach a target audience, because only people who are interested in specific products or services end up viewing these videos.

Many companies use the Internet to display their training presentation materials. Businesses offer classes via the Web. Audio files and videos made available on the Internet provide employees with quick and easy access to procedures and demonstrations. Companies can hire professional web designers to create interactive training manuals.

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