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Search Your Portal For Videos

Written by gantssoft
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The Internet was changed with massive things for the past two years. And this will be definitely agreed by the experts of the Internet. More number of people is sharing their own opinions, product reviews and even routine daily activities on Different Video Portals. The text is gets the least important component of Web 2.0. In fact, multimedia rules, the websites depend upon flash, sound, and most striking of all videos gets the viewer’s attention well.

When YouTube strike the scene, users flocked to the site to both split their own online videos and to search for videos that were single and exclusive or especially entertaining. Certainly, the concept became so invasive that web cams became standard with new computers and even some digital cameras and cell phones came with special YouTube settings so that users could more easily captured and upload their online videos.

The next step in the normal evolution of multimedia and the Web is video search portal, which allow the user to search across the Web using keywords or tags. But Here again the results are much more bendable sorting methods than traditional search engines. For instance the users can rank videos, most recent, most relevant, top favorites, highest rated, title, or random.

In one click of REFRESH, a video portal can show the videos that are most popular right now, this hour, today, this week, this month, or all time. General sorting could be done of videos by length (short, medium, long, or all), by quality (fair, good, excellent, all), or by format (win, real, flash, qt, hi-q, or all).

Portal experts were designs to work that facilitate a rich look and experience to the users. We focus on the functions that promote easy interaction and well-built network among users. This will enhance more number of users to the site and expand the business. The portal has the power to illustrate a common group of people together based on their common interest, common need, common profession or even common age group. And it acts as bridge across the Internet and attracts people from all walks of life. These Reasons makes the New Web site owners to work on the video portals and other portals to design the site.

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