Trade Show Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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As a former shipping department manager, I have attended several mailing and logistics conventions at which presenters played trade show videos to display their most modern technology. Some machines cost nearly one million dollars, and companies cannot afford to bring such pricey equipment to trade shows. Vendors and Post Office officials would deliver speeches and use professionally recorded video clips to show the advantages of using their equipment.

Using Trade Show Videos to Sell Products

At times, a few hundred people in the mailing business would sit in an auditorium and watch demonstrations. These trade show videos often featured close-up shots of sensitive equipment processing mail, reading bar codes, and rejecting non-conforming envelopes. While the machines ran, narrators explained exactly how their products worked and why they benefited mailing companies.

Trade show videos can be distributed at conventions. This enables people to bring movies back to their offices, where they can play footage for their bosses. Moreover, videos can be mailed directly to businesses that may be interested in certain products.

To create convention videos, companies can hire professional videographers. Camera crews usually complete the necessary filming within one business day. After that, they edit film at their shops and finish making videos within a few business days. Of course, mass production of videos will take longer.

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