Video Crews

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies that want to make marketing DVDs to support their sales teams can hire video crews to film their facilities, equipment, and procedures. Multi-million dollar sales often cannot be made over the telephone. They must be made in person, which sometimes requires people from other companies to spend several days at their potential vendors' business sites.

Before companies commit to making such trips, they often need some convincing that it's even worth their time to visit. Sales videos of manufacturing and production companies are designed to pique the interest of potential customers. Marketing films enable companies to put their best feet forward to attract new business.

Preparing for Video Crews

Video crews often tour business facilities and film people working with the most high tech equipment that companies own. Before film companies arrive, most businesses go out of their way to make sure their buildings look as clean as possible. In some instances, company leaders find it beneficial to upgrade their dress codes for the filming of these sales videos.

Professional video crews use equipment that yields clear images and sounds. They have the experience to know which camera angles make business facilities look the most impressive. They take close-up shots of finished products and panoramic footage of employees working. All of which should result in a professional looking video, which will be an asset to the company.

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