Written by Gregg Ruais
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If the modernist poet Ezra Pound's famous quote about the importance of images in poetry is true, then videography, at its best, replicates and possibly exceeds the lofty goals of poetry. Rather than creating images with words, videographers replace words with images. Creativity and vision are at the heart of videography.

In order to execute their visions, videographers require extensive technical knowledge and the right equipment. Very few people become experts at visual storytelling without formal schooling. Videography schools teach people about how to set appropriate lighting for different situations, control camera movements, and much more.

Many videographers are schooled in costume design and make-up application as well. The most skilled cameramen know how to use the effects of natural lighting to their advantages. This kind of well-rounded knowledge on all aspects of film production is advantageous at all stages of film making.

Importance of Equipment in Videography

Digital technology enables regular people to film home movies with impressive clarity and resolution. However, professional videographers still have the best equipment, and more importantly, they know how to enhance filmmaking results by manipulating their equipment. Video experts have the know-how to adjust or change lenses for the right image formations, use light to their advantage, and edit appropriately.

Videography professionals use not only the top recording equipment but also the best editing software. While watching videos of family parties, people can easily discern whether or not movies were filmed by professionals. Videography companies produce films that have Hollywood-esque quality. They include special effects and well-executed scene changes.

Videography Companies

Videography companies cover a wide array of different events. They offer their services for corporate purposes, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, musical performances, and just about any other event that people want made into movies. Some of the more versatile companies produce films on various mediums, such as CD ROM, DVD, and the Internet.

Some of these companies offer services in other fields as well, like graphic design and multimedia. Much of the equipment and software that filmmakers use is cross-functional. Sound effects, visual augmentation, and voice over can be used for web sites and presentations as well as movies.

Videographers and graphic designers are often open to the prospects of working on customized and unique projects. They can work on creative assignments like music videos and life story projects. People who need projects completed within strict deadlines can call or email these businesses with job specifications.

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I was lucky to book Shaadi Videography to cover my Wedding last year. The raw emotion they caerutpd on film was breathtaking. Stunning visuals and artistic merit is something they promised and delivered.A lot of my friends have used them since and have been blown away by the production quality. Speak to either Hussein or Sandeep, both genuinely nice people and real film makers with a hugh list of credentials behind their names.Saz