Web Site Graphics

Written by Gregg Ruais
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All over the world, thousands of small business owners advertise on the Internet, and many of them add attractive web site graphics to distinguish themselves from their competition. High-definition images, animations, and streaming video clips add credibility and prestige to startup companies, helping them compete with more established businesses. However, technology should not be applied haphazardly, as overdone web sites can serve as real detriments to marketing campaigns.

Web site graphics take time to load on people's computers. Some people have cable modems, which enables them to download images and video clips at very high speeds. Other web surfers use telephone lines to connect to the Internet and experience longer download times. Research suggests that people lose interest in sites that take more than ten seconds to load. Sites that have too many graphics actually alienate many potential viewers.

One way to avoid losing customers is to create alternative pages for people who have slow browsers. Internet sites can be developed to display graphics for people who have high-speed capabilities and show more basic pages to other people. The company I use for email, for example, enables people to select a non-Java scripting option, which has fewer features but runs more efficiently.

Web Site Graphics for Different Businesses

Business people should also consider why they want web site graphics. Freelance writers and resort owners clearly have different goals in mind when they decide to add images and videos to their sites. While writers probably want limited graphics (possibly a single, small photograph per page), vacation companies may want to display several vivid images that will entice their web site visitors to take vacations at their hotels. Thus, it is important to take your specific target audience into consideration when selecting web graphics.

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