Wedding Videos

Written by Gregg Ruais
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During our engagement, my wife, then my fianc&egrave, and I disagreed on whether or not we should pay a few thousand dollars for professional wedding videos. Before the wedding, I noticed a frightening downward trend in my bank account. My wife considered having a wedding video to be an absolute necessity, as important as the rings, a priest, a wedding dress, and a tuxedo.

I'd been advised by reliable sources to let the love of my life have her way when it came to making wedding plans, and so I conceded the argument. We paid our videographer to create wedding videos for our parents, my wife's grandmother, and ourselves. This turned out to be a good decision. The money has been forgotten, and thanks to the movies, our wedding day has not.

Wedding Videos Are Insightful

The day a couple gets married should be one of the most memorable days of their lives. However, time flies by too quickly for the bride and groom, who are busy preparing, having their pictures taken, and making sure they say hello and thank you to everyone. With so much going on, the bride and groom practically miss their own wedding.

Couples who invest in wedding videos, however, get to relive their wedding days, and they get to see romantic moments and follies caught on video that they originally missed. I couldn't believe how many of my parents' friends, when interviewed, actually called me by my brother's name. There are other moments captured on video that still bring tears to my eyes.

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