Ach Origination

Written by Laurie Nichol
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More and more financial institutions are now offering ACH origination services. In fact, not offering any ACH processing really sets you far behind the competition. ACH transactions are now the glue that keeps all of your business clientele operating, and future clients will be looking to see that you offer them.

How can you tell if ACH origination will work at your bank or other financial institution? Don't assume that getting set up and operating an ACH system will be overly complex. There are many companies now who walk you through the entire, surprisingly simple process.

Basics of ACH Origination

When you offer this service, you allow your institutional customers to originate their own EFTs. These cover a lot more than just payroll payments. They can be used to pay for utility bills, insurance payments, and the myriad other costs of doing business.

With so many automated features, you'll be saving yourself and your clients a considerable amount of time and money. Besides that, the hassles and potential errors that are averted are many. It's no wonder people and businesses look for financial institutions who offer these services!

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