Ach Solutions

Written by Laurie Nichol
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How can ACH solutions help your business to save money, even on minute transfers? The way in which ACH transactions save money is simple. Through automated, immediate transfers, countless fines and charges are avoided, not to mention the costs of processing transfers by hand.

In terms of RCK processing, the difference is readily apparent. This is one of the popular ACH solutions for larger businesses in the network. When checks are returned or refused, fines pile up--not so with RCK.

In these transactions, the costs to represent the checks are only a fraction of what you've been paying. Typically, they only cost a quarter up to half of traditional fees. This makes these systems cost effective even if you process many small amount checks.

ACH Solutions for Large Businesses

You don't even necessarily need to be a large business to profit from an RCK system. You only have to process a lot of checks, whether for high or low amounts. The results are the same--streamlined, efficient processing that reduces the problem of bounced checks.

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