Atm Processing Services

Written by Laurie Nichol
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ATM processing services are the pathway by which debit cards payments are instantly transferred from the customer's account into yours. As a merchant, it's important to you to get the electronic funds transfer done as efficiently as possible. In doing this, you'll need to have reliable, advanced software that can send information instantaneously, via the Internet, to the ACH processing network.

Many questions have recently arisen regarding ATM processing services versus the new ACH check conversion services. The obvious difference between these two forms of payment processing is that one draws from a consumer's debit card and another from his or her personal or business check. There is another difference, however, in how the account information is processed.

The Processing Infrastructure

ATM processing services rely on the ATM network to process the card number and payer information. Converted E checks, however, use the ACH network. The MICR information that is printed on these checks is sent directly to the Automated Clearinghouse database for authorization.

There are slight differences between the networks that support these two choices. To make the best decision when looking for the software solution that will best benefit your company, you should carefully assess your needs. The better solutions providers will be able to give you a custom solutions package that can have you streamlining your payment processing as successfully as possible.

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