Automatic Check Processing

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Automatic check processing helps you expand your customer base. We've all seen ads that tout check cards as the new replacement for traditional paper checks. Yet, there are still millions of people who prefer the old-fashioned way, and to reject their business just doesn't make sense.

But what about the risks involved in accepting checks? After the bounced check fees and other problems drove them crazy, many merchants stopped accepting them for good reason. Now, using ACH systems to do automatic check processing allows you to enjoy their patronage again.

These systems utilize an enormous, nationwide database. By having contacts with every single institution in the Federal Reserve, ACH means that you don't have to turn down anyone. Accept checks without fear!

Starting with Automatic Check Processing

You may be worried that you'll need a lot of expensive equipment. The good news is that the benefits of these systems are online-virtual equipment that you don't pay for directly. Your outlay is small, and the money that you save is reason enough!

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