Bounced Check

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A bounced check is bad news for everyone involved; the check writer faces fees, the bank deals with the paperwork, and the merchant has to put up with both. Avoiding returned checks is, therefore, a big issue with merchants of all kinds. There is a new way to avoid the dreaded bounced check that you, as a businessperson, should investigate.

Avoiding Bad Checks with Electronic Check Recovery

Getting the payment out of an NSF check used to be a huge hassle. Now, using RCK recovery systems, merchants are more easily able to get the full value out of a check, using highly automated means. By turning an insufficient funds check into an electronic check, there is a far greater likelihood of securing those funds.

If your business is a part of the ACH processing system, then you need to set up a software package that will allow you to interface with it. Some of these packages have great solutions, such as these check recovery programs, that make them the best choices on the market. For those businesses that regularly face a high incidence of bounced check problems, making this decision is easy.

Your program will help you to input the check information and submit it to the Federal Reserve Bank's ACH system. As an electronic debit, it can clear more readily, if not the first time, then the second. Best of all, there is a minimum of manual input involved, and the funds saved by this process are considerable.

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