Check By Phone

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Accepting a check by phone used to be a messy process, not only in terms of paperwork and time, but also because the possibility of fraud was so high. Recently, viable solutions have presented themselves in terms of software solutions. Since millions of Americans still use personal checks as their primary mode of payment for goods and services, to miss out on this market would be an extremely poor business strategy.

Taking an Internet payment by check or accepting a check by phone is now so much easier. Using ACH processing systems, you can do your business with greater confidence, knowing that your liability for fraud has substantially decreased. Getting your funds by using these systems means that you'll be receiving the money into your account far more quickly, as well.

Avoiding the problems that a bounced check can cause is important to both consumers and to merchants. For this reason, automatic electronic funds transfer is a great solution for all parties involved. For the companies who find that accepting a check by phone helps them receive more business, this solution helps keep this alternative secure.

How Does a Check By Phone Work?

If you have the correct programming setup, you can accept the account information written on a check by phone, and verify it quickly. When you manually enter this information into your computer program, it will check with the ACH system (in real time!), and get back to you regarding that check's validity. All this can be accomplished remarkably quickly, which is crucial to running a business that handles phone orders.

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