Internet Payment

Written by Laurie Nichol
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There's no denying that ecommerce is surging into its rightful place as a serious contender in the business world. For the entrepreneurs who do their business online, an efficient method of handling their Internet payment process is of tantamount importance. There is a variety of systems available that cater to different types of consumers, businesses, and processes, and the savvy business planner must make careful considerations before selecting the right solutions provider.

Electronic funds transfer is the only viable way to do online business. For those companies that accept mailed in personal checks, the rate of fraud and returned checks is far too high. Only EFT processing offers the speed and security that are necessary to keeping the Internet economy running.

To the customer, there must be a variety of payment options available. If you can't cater to their preferred method of payment, then you will be losing a potentially lucrative transaction. In recent years, the preferred form of Internet payment has been credit cards.

Accepting Both Credit and E Checks as Internet Payment

Only accepting credit cards, however, has led to the alienation of a large customer base: check writers. Technology has advanced to the point where systems are being created that can convert checks into electronic documents that can be guaranteed or disproved immediately. For this reason, the viability of check writing has experienced a regrowth that means great things for Internet merchants.

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