Online Check Processing

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Online check processing eliminates the feeling of concern that merchants get every time someone pays with a check. When you need to accept different forms of payment but have suffered from bounced check problems, what can you do? Using ACH systems is a great way to get around this.

When customers want to pay with a check, you can now gladly accept it. You know that it's secured by funds, because you find out right then and there. Before you give them the merchandise, and before they leave the store.

You simply scan their check right through a reader you have at the counter. So how is it "online" check processing? The data that you scan goes straight to an online database for quick checking.

Online Check Processing Speeds up Payment

You don't just save money by eliminating bounced check fees. You also save it by getting funds extremely quickly and thereby not having to risk checks crossing in the mail. The difference is clear--online processing is the wave of the future, today!

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