Phone Check

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Phoning in an order and paying by personal check used to be a hassle for both customers and merchants. Typically, a check would have to go through the entire processing service before the customer could receive the product. And merchants have always faced the possibility of fraud in terms of returned checks.

The Phone Check Is Now a Viable Payment Solution!

Recently, there have been developments that make the old pariah, the phone check, a viable option. Instead of calling in an order and dropping your check in the mail, customers can rattle off their check numbers and account information, and have their order processed extremely quickly. The merchant has only to input those important numbers into a software platform and send them off to an EFT processing center, much like he would with credit card information!

Using a phone check, also called an Echeck, makes over-the-phone shopping a better business venture. But, what are Echecks, exactly? If you're calling in a phone order, then you're simply looking down at your usual checkbook. However, the merchant transforms your physical check into an electronic funds transfer, without ever seeing the check in person.

This information transmittal can be done either online or offline, depending on the merchant. A considerable benefit is that retailers will be able to avoid the many fees and charges that used to be associated with using checks by phone. If you're a merchant who needs to take checks via phone orders, you should definitely investigate the software platforms that will allow you to do this with confidence and efficiency.

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