What Are Echecks?

Written by Laurie Nichol
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The advent of Echecks has been causing quite a stir in the payment processing sector of many businesses. But, what are Echecks, exactly? By calling a check an Echeck, you're referring to the fact that the account information has been transformed into an electronic funds transfer, which means that the transaction will avoid the many pitfalls that go with accepting traditional checks.

How Checks Are Turned into Echecks

So then, what are Echecks? They're simply electronic versions of a physical, real world check. However, they offer far greater advantages that we've mentioned in detail on our page titled "Internet Check".

The process by which a check is converted is simple. You, as the merchant, either run the check through a reader or manually input the check information into a software program. In either case, the information is sent on to a national database of acceptable checks. Then, the transaction enters the ACH processing database, which finalizes the transaction and sends the funds into your business account.

So then, what are Echecks? They're the newest name for one of the oldest forms of payment, a form which has been transformed from an unreliable and often fraudulent system into an extremely secure way of accepting money. Now that check conversion is becoming commonplace, personal checks are losing their dangerous reputation!

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ECHECK are the check in whice

ECHECK are the check in whice payment is transfared safely quickly no paper work more time saving &economical