Cash For Annuity

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you are seeking a way of receiving cash for annuity payments a court may have awarded you, your timing could not be better. In the past, of course, the timetable of a cash settlement was typically beyond a plaintiff's control. Today, however, that is no longer necessarily the case.

As settlements in personal injury cases can be quite large, defendants' insurance companies typically fund those settlements via highly reliable annuities purchased from other insurance companies. Indeed, annuities represent one of the most reliable, appealing ways of investing towards a long-term future of regular payments. However, if your needs are more immediate than those of individuals preparing for their retirement and the like, you may want a quicker option.

A Simple Cash for Annuity Exchange

If you know where to look, you can now have it. Experienced and customer-friendly to a fault, a handful of professional annuity buyers have emerged to assist you in exchanging cash for annuity payments, should you desire to do so. While no reputable company can offer an immediate cash for annuity exchange--all such structured settlement sales must go through a months-long process of application and judicial approval--the top buyers in the field will do everything else they can to expedite a lump-sum payment.

In addition, if you are more interested in or able to focus upon long-term needs, these settlement experts can re-sell the annuities that they have purchased at remarkable prices. Either way, I encourage you to take the time to explore your options. Once you discover the benefits of working with innovative annuities experts, your only surprise may be that you have not done so sooner.

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