Cash For Settlement Payment

Written by Josh Dodes
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Until recently, the notion of winning plaintiffs being able to trade cash for settlement payments would have been difficult at best. Court-mandated structured settlement payments were exactly that: payments specifically structured to allow the defendant an adequate period of time to pay the settlement. However, for the first time, winning plaintiffs have a new option.

Customarily, when a plaintiff wins a personal injuries case, the defendant's insurance company will purchase an exceptional annuity from another insurance company to help fund the settlement. However, because these annuities are outstanding long-term investments, they have significant value in their own right. That's why a handful of experienced, reputable companies have made it their business to purchase annuities from recipients in exchange for a quicker lump sum payment, and then to subsequently re-sell these annuities at great prices to interested investors.

Getting Cash for Settlement Payments

If annuities are such a worthwhile investment, why would any plaintiff rewarded such a payment elect to give it up? Any number of reasons: medical expenses, a child's education, a down payment on a house, you name it. Just because annuities represent remarkable vehicles for guaranteeing income well into retirement does not mean that you should not also have the option of receiving cash for settlement payments sooner.

Best of all, all deals that exchange cash for settlement payments must be approved by a judge, based upon whether or not the terms are favorable to you. That means that the most reputable settlement buyers go out of their way to offer the most favorable terms and the most proactive customer service. The fact that this professional, fair approach carries over to their re-selling process is simply further evidence of what separates the best annuities experts from the rest.

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