Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Structured settlements are an annuity that provides a payment stream for an individual. They are typically used by insurance companies to settle claims, though they can also be used by lottery commissions to pay out winnings. Structured settlements are just that, structured, and do not allow for a lot of flexibility once they are accepted. Fortunately, there are businesses available that help those who are participating in a structured settlement.

Often a person accepts a structured settlement after a long, stressful, and sometimes painful experience. Once a settlement is accepted, the plan is very rigid as a person only has access to the payments of the settlement, not the capital funding the payments. Life is not rigid, however, so sometimes there is a need for more money than what the payments are providing. One can "sell" future payments to a business in exchange for an immediate lump sum of cash.

Businesses That Buy Structured Settlement Payments

Entrepreneurs have recognized the need for individuals to access the money that is funding their settlement. These savvy individuals have created an industry of businesses that provide cash in exchange for future settlement payments. They make money by providing a slightly less amount up front than what they will receive in the future. The size of their profits will vary for every situation and most will provide free quotes.

Since an individual does not own the annuity that is funding their settlement, they can only assign the payments. A person can choose to assign the entire settlement for a lump sum and be done with the whole ordeal. You can choose to receive enough cash for only a few payments or even just one payment. Some businesses allow the option of splitting payments so you can still receive a portion of each payment. Fortunately, the businesses that provide cash for payments are more flexible than structured settlements.

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