Get Money Now For Your Future Payments

Written by Jacey Harmon
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If you are receiving a payment stream but need access to the money that is funding the payments, your only option is to consider selling future payments. This involves dealing with a funding company that will buy your future payments. They will offer a percentage of the payment due; the difference is their fee for providing the service. The type of payment you are trying to sell will determine the value and ease of the sale.

The type of payment you are trying to sell is an important consideration for the funding company. Businesses who are selling future payments like invoices, property lease payments, and contracts are likely to find a willing buyer. The advantage for the business to selling future payments is they receive immediate working capital. Most businesses will fail due to the lack of available working capital to fund current expenses and future growth.

Future Payments for Individuals to Sell

Funding companies will focus on individuals who are receiving a payment stream. These payments are typically from a source that has a high likelihood of making the payment. Annuity payments are the most common type of future payment sold by individuals. Annuities are used to pay out lottery jackpots, settle lawsuits or fund retirement. The payment from the annuity is typically guaranteed and can span a period of several years.

To get money for your future payments you need to request bids from funding companies. Each company will value future payments differently and make varying offers to the seller. When considering selling future payments, it is important to get a variety of bids from different buyers. This will ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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