Sell Future Payments

Written by Josh Dodes
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Normally, the last thing a savvy investor who has put her cash into annuities wishes to do is sell future payments from those annuities back for cash. However, there is another class of individuals who receive annuities payouts by necessity, not choice. Those individuals are the increasing number of personal injuries claim winners whose long-term settlements come from awarded annuities.

To be sure, the advantages annuities offer mean that plenty of plaintiffs are perfectly happy to receive a structured settlement in this form. But if you need settlement money in a more expedited manner, an innovative solution is available. Thanks to a handful of reputable, experienced companies that are willing to offer exceptionally generous lump-sum payments in exchange for the rights to buy annuities payments and re-sell them to savvy investors, many plaintiffs have more options than they imagine.

How Quickly Can You Sell Future Payments?

This question is important for two separate reasons. First, it is important to understand the answer: that the process of contracting a settlement sale and having it judicially approved takes at least three months. Second, understanding that it takes this long to sell future payments makes it easy to rule out annuity buyers who promise anything like "overnight" cash for your settlement.

Whether you are looking to sell future payments for shorter-term gain, or looking to buy a top-level annuity for longer-term gain, I encourage you to take the time to truly understand your options. After all, with so much on the line, there is no reason to undersell future settlement payments or pay more for A-rated insurance annuities than you need to. Either way, research you do today could help you solve financial problems for years to come.

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